Heebee jeebees

August 6, 2007

Sigh. Hello again. Five days later but not really any closer insofar as preparing for Seville is concerned. Really I feel like I’ll be able to really focus once the job at Gringos has played out (this Wednesday..YES!) and I can have my nights free to organize for this trip (I like to make things organized…I make lists, I scratch off to-dos in the order that they are accomplished…I once color coded my closet).

Tonite was another exercise in futility in saving money. Wil and I hit up Barnes and Noble for some lattes and book browsing. Honestly I shouldn’t ever set foot in that place again. No matter what kind of promises I make to myself beforehand, I ALWAYS manage to walk out of there with something. Tonite it was a SUDOKU book and a mini journal. And I have great plans for both of them, thank you very much. SUDOKU for the plane, mini journal for scribbling down words and phrases to make sense of later once I soak myself in the waters of Sevillian life. As Wil and I were sipping our fabulously overpriced coffee drinks tonite I imagined myself in the same stature in Spain, only hearing the beautiful Castilian accents in the background instead of English everywhere. Honestly I don’t care what they talk about, but I’m sure it will be beautiful.

On the saving money note, however, I have found that decorating a ceramic piggy bank and scribbling “Seville” all over it has helped keep my funds stored away instead of splurging them on everything I pass by. I glued the rubber stopper closed so I cannot access the money until the very end, when it will be “bye bye piggy” with a hammer. 🙂 My mom says that’s destructive behavior. I think it’s a little fun.


One Response to “Heebee jeebees”

  1. Abby Says:

    oh the days of color coding the closet. clean freak doesn’t begin to cover the organization skills you possess.

    and you influenced me as well! right now my closet is absolutley organized roy g biv. for sure.

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