5 days? Really? Really.

August 17, 2007

Yes, my friends. The long-awaited departure is closing in upon me. ::dramatically themed music::

Hey, but I got my book in!!! It looks like this: Cover page of a brilliant book I haven’t read it yet but the results are promising. I have to read this book while I’m in Spain and compare my learnings with my observations of 21st century Spaniards? Yes, this is how one earns an honors waiver. Yes, I am genuinely excited about this. Yes, in fact that is a pocket protector and tape across the bridge of my glasses.

Speaking of Spain (and why wouldn’t I be? This is, after all, my blog about Spain), Mom generously showered me with gifts of farewell. And by that I mean we went to Target, and I forgot my wallet, so she had to pay for everything. But then she decided that I didn’t have to pay her back! So now I’m officially all stocked up to go! And I still have money! This is a good day.

Except I’ll be leaving Guillermo. Este es muy triste.


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