Entregue una amiga!

August 29, 2007

So I’ve been a little triste because I haven’t been able to meet anybody from Spain just yet.  But last night I made a friend!  She’s a fotogrofa and she gave me her little card and said we should go get coffee!  I’m so excited to finally meet somebody.  Donna told us that by the time we leave Sevilla we should have about 5 Sevillanos who are sad to see us go.

School has started and it’s on a roll.  This part of the semester I’m taking Children’s literature and the History of Spain and am starting the internship, which turns out is going to be quite a challenge.  In order for me to be done with it before the next part of the semester, I’ll have to work 12 hours a week.  This would be no problem in the US, but since there’s a siesta in the middle of the day here, I’m wondering if it will be difficult to get my hours in this way.  Vamos a ver.

Alrighty well I have homework.  Hasta luego.


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