No good very mal day

August 30, 2007


Es que me pongo triste hoy.  Today has been a rough day.  It seems like everything that can go wrong shall!  Some of my friends here at the Center have been having extreme problems concerning financial aid.  Things like financial aid not following through with their promises and refusing to help.  Things like my friends having to take out unexpected loans to cover the rest of their stay in Sevilla.  I hope everything gets resolved the way it should.  Hopefully there are just communication issues that can be ironed out with a few more phone calls.

I hate what money does.

As for me, I have spent the majority of the day looking around for a place to work for my internship class.  We got a list of locations that have contracts with Texas Tech, and I have walked, rode, ran, and sweated to every place on the list, only to find them closed, confused, or refusing to help.  It’s nerve-racking enough for me to find a job in English, and now I have to do the same thing, only in spanish.  I know spanish somewhat well, but when I’m wanting to impress, I lack the vocabulary that I would like.  This has been a frustrating day, mixed with un poco de homesickness and a little bit of wanting to just vent in english.  So tonite the girls and I are just going to go out to a cafe or something and chill over some cafe con leche or un tinto de verano and eat some tapas or chocolate.  Probably chocolate for me.  Es lo que necesito.

My history class has been very interesting.  These first couple of days have been such a review from my Spanish culture class that I took last semester, so thus far I’m understanding everything pretty well.  Today we learned about Roman influences in Spain.  Turns out that Rome pretty much dominates as far as everything is concerned.  I feel like I should have already known this, but I learned today that the acueducto in Segovia, you know, the very very very famous acueducto?  Yes, well, I learned that it’s held together only by the perfect cutting of every stone.  Not mortar, not cement.  Nada.  Amazing.

I seriously just want some chocolate.

It’s only been a week, and look how ridiculous I am acting.  I tell you though, it’s harder than it first seems.

And I am so out of here.  To cope, I’m going to go read a book.  In ENGLISH.  (sshh don’t tell my professors)


One Response to “No good very mal day”

  1. Valerie Says:

    You hate what money does? Do you hate the money that is paying for your trip?
    Remember, money is legal tender that can be exchanged for goods and services (eg food, lodging). Without money we would be forced to use the barter system. Paige, what do you have that anyone wants?

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