Jeréz, la playa, y mi trabajo

September 3, 2007

It has been about 3 or 4 days since I´ve had internet access, and obviously in the natural course of things, much has happened and everybody must be curious, no?

I find myself thinking to myself more and more in español.  This is good, especially when I find myself replacing english words with spanish ones in the middle of a sentence.

Okay, so on Friday we set off for Jeréz, the spanish word for sherry wine.  This town is famous for, obviously, its sherry wine.  The first thing we did was visit “la bodega”, which is spanish for storage.  Usually, la bodega is in reference to storehouses of wine barrels, and this is what we visited.  I took some awesome pictures to be uploaded later.  Basically we learned a lot about how sherry wine is processed.  Did you know that sherry doesn’t have a vintage because it’s usually a mix of wines from every different year?  Here’s how it works.  They grow the grapes, squish them up, all that.  And then they pour the wine into white oak barrels to ferment.  They stack the barrels in rows of four, a system that they call “la solera”.  The barrels at the bottom, “al suelo”, are the oldest.  They take 1/3 the sherry from these barrels and refill them from the barrels above, and refill those from the barrels on the 3rd row, so on and so forth.  We tried a little teensy taste of two types of sherry and a little brandy, which is made by putting alcohol in old sherry barrels.  I enjoyed this very much, as I have never tasted sherry before.  I even stuck my pinky out (kidding).

Next, we visited la playa, where I expected to see more than my fair share of European sunbathers, but luckily it was more family oriented, so my eyes were spared that part of European culture. 🙂

Last but not least, I got a job this morning at the Escuela Infantil Pinocho, where there are many creepy pictures of very very old Disney paraphernalia.  I´ll be working every morning from 830 to 10 and some afternoons from 12 to 2.  Quite riveting, actually.  I start tomorrow and I´m already excited to be reading little spanish stories to little spanish children.

Thankfully, my culture shock has settled itself down and I am growing to love my little town of Sevilla.  I am talking more with my host mom and the rest of my family here, and getting used to my classes and how the daily life of Spain goes.  The store hours still throw me off on occasion, but hopefully I will learn to do all my shopping and business before 130, when everything closes.


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