Para ver mis fotos

September 13, 2007

Hola a todos,

School is going great.  I am really enjoying my Children’s Literature class as well as my History of Spain course.  We are diving into the revolutionistas of the Generation of 27 in my literature class and watching a documentary over Lorca and exploring all his fantastic poetry.  We’re also in the midst of reading Manolito Gafotas, which is the funniest piece of children’s literature I have ever read.  Mara has also been teaching the book from an adults’ perspective, so we’re learning pieces of ideology that are prevalent in Spanish literature.  I am really digging Spanish literature these days.  I’m thinking about grad school and the possibility of pursuing either linguistics or Spanish literature, and the more I learn and read the more I lean toward literature.  Mara told me the other day that I write so well, and if I wanted to come back to Spain and teach with the Tech program, she would write me recommendations.  After that, my day improved tenfold.

My history class is insightful, but there is just so much to it that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the information and the dates.  Nonetheless, it is going well.  I am always reading.  I am hoping to retain as much as possible.

 If you want to see my recent pictures, I suggest starting an account with and making me your friend.  You can also see the pictures that my colleagues and friends have posted as well.  It’s free so you don’t have any excuses.


One Response to “Para ver mis fotos”

  1. Valerie Says:

    So, what did you have for breakfast this morning?



    I think I’m hungry…

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