Andalucia es mi lugar

September 16, 2007

Hola a todos,

This is my third day in Cartejima, a small town outside of a city called Ronda, which is about 2 hours by bus from Sevilla.  Josh, Marie, Brenden, Emily, Emily, Heather, Monica and I came over here on Friday to go hiking.  It has been the best time.  We landed an 8 bed dormitory in a  hostal in Cartejima.  It is a cute little place and the owner is great.  Yesterday he drove us out to a great mountain that’s between 5000 and 7000 meters, and led us to the top.  I climbed a mountain yesterday.  It was an incredible experience.   Nothing felt greater than reaching the summit and being eye level with clouds (okay, we weren’t that high, but it was a hazy day!). Today we will make our way back to Ronda and catch a bus out of there.  Then I can finish up homework and whatnot because class on Monday is cancelled for a study day.

I’ll post about the food and culture in the next week or so.

Most importantly of all, felicidades to my sister, who is going to have a baby in April!!  She’s going to be a mommy!!!! I am going to be an auntie!!  And I’m going to be the best one around, I’ll have you know.


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