Submersion complete

October 10, 2007

Well, to be honest, I do believe I have entered the 3rd stage of culture shock, which would be “acceptance”.  I am now fully A-OK with living in Spain.  Unbelievable.  It took about a month and a half.

I think the defining moment was having my dad come visit me last weekend.  We had a blast (even though I could never find a good restaurant…sorry Dad!!) and it was great to see someone from home.  Not just anyone, but my good ol’ poppy.  I took him all around Seville and even took a daytrip to Granada, which wasn’t completely a success, but at least he and I got to see the beautiful white Cathedral and the inside of Lorca’s house.  Lorca’s house was AMAZING.  It was “impresionante” to stand in his bedroom and look at his desk.  I have been studying his literature for a good year or so, and to finally see from whence it came was actually more exciting than I originally thought.  If only I could have taken pictures of his house.  But oh well, it will be forever lodged in my memory.  Until I am about 80.  But anyway, my dad is an official world traveller, and I am very proud!  Now I have two more “visitantes” arriving soon.  First, my beloved William.  Second, my lovely mother.  Then I’ll have about a month and a half until I return to the states.

 It’s going to be a fun month of October!!!!

I don’t have too many exciting stories to tell, except that people keep mistaking me for a true Spaniard.  I am relishing it.  In the past week I’ve had about 3 Spaniards ask me for directions and 2 others simply strike up a conversation with me, assuming I was from Sevilla.  Guys, this is fabulous.  I don’t know what it is that officially has marked me as a Spaniard.  I’ve been trying to blend in as much as possible, but sometimes I feel like my blonde hair and mannerisms would quickly label me as American.  I mean, nowadays I can spot an American from about 20 feet away (they’re usually louder, have a wider gait, and almost always are wearing tennis shoes). 

 Also, a few guys went to Octoberfest last weekend in Germany and missed their flight because they took the wrong train and ended up in the middle of absolute nowhere in Munich.

We leave for Lisbon tomorrow, so I’ll post about that in about a week.


3 Responses to “Submersion complete”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Es un nino!

  2. kriskoreena Says:

    we missed you at gringo’s yesterday! guess you don’t get much tex-mex in spain! sadie says hello and jude grunts at you! lots of love!

  3. Valerie Says:

    View As Web Page
    Feliz Cumpleanos! Espero que pueda llamarte, pero no puedo porque estas en Espana. Que Lastima! 🙂 Te extrano muchisimo! Tengo un regalo para ti, pero tienes que regresar a los EEUU para recibirlo. Que pases tu dia especial con mucho diversion y descanso. Te amo Paigey-poo!

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