I bought some pantyhose today. :)

November 9, 2007

So sorry about that random textbook-style post about Galicia.  Since I’m doing this for the honors college, sometimes I feel the need to throw in information that I learn along the way.  That little ditty was a summary of a little bit of what we are studying in my History of Spain class.  Not interesting to everybody, but interesting to ME! Deal with it.

Yes, I bought some pantyhose today to experiment with Spanish style.  Now before you roll your eyes, get on over here to Europe and see the latest trends.  Though I must learn to accept the fact that I will never have the winning style (or enough money) to look like I just walked out of a magazine, I do enjoy browsing through the department stores here and seeing what students my age are wearing.  The 20-somethings are so fun, you know?  You can wear pretty much whatever the heck you want and get away with it (so long as you aren’t wearing gold sneakers).

So the style these days is pantyhose and tights under either long shirts/dresses or shorts coupled with some sneakers or high heels or whatever.  And not just any plane-jane panythose.  We’re talking CRAZY colorful and bizarre (for the more daring Spaniards).  I, however, am not so daring, so I bought some simple black ones.  Judge me if you will, but I think it’s going to be fun to see what I can do here.  When in Rome.

I have about 3 and a half weeks remaining here.  I can’t believe it.  Why is my time here almost over?  I feel like I just got here.

 Alright, welllll it’s 7 oclock pm here which means it’s lunchtime in the states.  It also means that in two hours I’ll be eating dinner and doing SOMETHING..don’t know what yet.  I have a lot of homework this weekend (lame!) that I’m going to try and put off until maybe Sunday?  College students are the same in every country.  🙂


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