ah my beloved spain

November 28, 2007

Today myself and three other girls from the honors college (we are very proud of our title) locked ourselves in the back room of the Center and spent 3 hours making an outline for our history of Spain test tomorrow.  It came out to be 5 pages, complete with side text boxes with important definitions, historical leaders, and a chronological system from the early 1800s until the death of Franco.  We are going to dominate this test tomorrow.

It is our last one.

I am remembering when everything was a bunch of “firsts”.  Now I find myself listing off a bunch of “lasts”.  They will mount the closer I get to leaving (in 9 days!!!! joder!).  I am getting sadder as the day approaches.  Luckily I’ve been able to occupy my mind all day long by finishing up important projects and working on history.  But I’m sure that by the time this week is over and I have one week remaining, reality will kick in and I’ll be packing up my memories in my red suitcase, gripping desperately to the pictures that linger on the very edge of my memory from when we first got here.

I feel like there will need to be some sort of formal goodbye.  A list of all the things I’ve learned, perhaps, or some great memories, or a musical tribute to some flamenco.  I don’t know.  I feel like this, along with all the other things I’ve collected (emails from Wil, old bus ticket stubs, a flier and brochure from every single place I’ve been) will be thrown into a box until that day comes when I can take it down, sort all through it and come to some sort of conclusion about it all.  I want to organize it into cute little sayings and write memories below my pictures.  I have this dream of making this all-encompassing-ultimate scrapbook of Spain….it looks so amazing in my brain.

 I am such a nerd.

I keep saying I will do these reflection entries…honestly I can’t.

I’m going home to eat some garbanzo beans and rice.  mmmHMMM!


One Response to “ah my beloved spain”

  1. kriskoreena Says:

    in-brain scrapbooks are awesome! can’t wait to see ya!!

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